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There’s nothing patronizing in his voice, and yet I can’t help thinking he reminds me of a schoolteacher about to ease children into a lesson. Perhaps it’s the age difference, or simply that Beetee is probably about a million times smarter than the rest of us.
catching fire     beetee     
catching fire     katniss everdeen     beetee     peeta mellark     finnick odair     johanna mason     

The tributes of the 75th Hunger Games

finnick odair     katniss everdeen     enobaria     Brutus     gloss     cashmere     alan ritchson     peeta mellark     haymitch abernathy     catching fire     beetee     wiress     


Her entire species must be… eradicated.

catching fire     the hunger games     katniss everdeen     peeta mellark     haymitch abernathy     cinna     johanna mason     finnick odair     mags     effie trinket     wiress     beetee     gloss     gale hawthorne     enobaria     brutus     cashmere     
beetee     katniss everdeen     catching fire     



beetee     johanna mason     peeta mellark     katniss everdeen     mags     finnick odair     catching fire